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Introducing Lorenzo Becchi

It was a profound disillusionment with the failures of conventional medicine that inspired Lorenzo Becchi to start a journey into the exploration of alternative therapies that have the ability to resolve people’s problems and change lives for good.

Since 2005, Lorenzo Becchi has entirely committed his time, passion and energy delving into the practices of acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom techniques, hypnosis, Thai massage, Chinese medicine, energetic healing and biomagnetism.

From this rich and varied background, Lorenzo Becchi has created the practice of Holistic Therapy, a flexible and comprehensive treatment system that can be tailored for a wide range of conditions.

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Holistic Therapy

The foundation of holistic health is that all aspects of a person’s life – the psychological, the social, the physical and the spiritual – should be taken into account and considered and treated as a whole. Chronic problems can be highly complex experiences balanced between the body and the mind.

According to the holistic approach, we are the causes of most of our problems, and the solutions are therefore written inside all of us. The healer’s role is to support the patient as they “unlock” these solutions, and thus allow the patient to heal themselves. Holistic Therapy is proving highly effective in treating phobias and unwanted habits, chronic stress, mental trauma and PTSD, postural problems and emotional blockages.

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Holistic Therapy and pain control

Around the world, hundreds of millions of people have suffered the debilitating experience of living with pain. Chronic pain can be caused by a vast constellation of different factors. For diagnosed sufferers of well known and understood conditions such as scoliosis and arthritis, tried and tested medical treatments are available. However the causes of chronic pain are not always clear, and millions of people remain undiagnosed for years, unable to find any solution or relief.

Pain is often associated with physical or mental traumas that accumulate in the body and mind as memories. A key principle of Holistic Therapy is that dealing with and ultimately resolving these difficult memories can liberate people from chronic pain. Healing is a natural consequence of this process. This has been an important gap in conventional medicine, which focusses treating the physical symptoms of pain only with temporary fixes such as painkillers and surgery. An integration of the holistic approach and acupuncture can significantly speed up the healing process.

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Holistic Therapy, PTSD and Stress Management

Stress is one of the greatest challenges facing modern society. It is caused by a huge variety traumatic events such as health issues, financial challenges, work and family pressures, etc. Big traumas, which often manifest into post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), are easily understood as events that have the potential to create significant changes in our lives. However more frequently, we are exposed to small continuous traumas that the body may remember even if the mind forgets. In all cases, these traumas cause blockages that impair our ability to enjoy our lives.

Holistic therapy can easily remove these blockages, providing complete solutions for PTSD and stress management.

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Holistic Therapy, Phobias and Panic Attacks

Experiences such as phobias, panic attacks and intense fears have the potential to limit our everyday lives in many different ways, creating burdens on ourselves and the people around us. These experiences have long been something of a mystery to the therapeutic world, however holistic therapy can address and resolve these problems usually within a few treatments.

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Sessions are conducted one on one. The client’s personal situation will be analysed and a treatment path will be selected. The client will be guided into a deep relaxation and, depending on the issues being addressed, will receive a tailored treatment drawing upon acupressure, energetic healing, acupuncture, counselling or whatever is necessary.
In the case of emotional issues, the practice during the session is aimed at building the mental tools to draw upon in future cases.
In the case of physical pain a special attention will be dedicated to review and complete the postural and breathing patterns of the client.

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Press and Publications

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“I took a session with Lorenzo because I am pregnant and I was suffering from extreme nausea, as well as some emotional blockage that I couldn’t place or let go of.
My session with Lorenzo was about 30 mins. In that short time he managed to access what I couldn’t, the underlying blockage and weight I had been carrying for years. Immediately upon discovering the source we were able to clear it. He also gave me tool to work with in the future that I’ve been able to use to maintain this work on my own when new things or old come up. We worked on my nausea and I saw a very big improvement in how I felt, and also because aware of how much mental stress was causing my sickness. This therapy was wondering.
I would recommend this therapy to anyone who is looking for a technique that works and keeps on working. Lorenzo is compassionate and effective. His support is and will always be so deeply appreciated.”


“I came to Lorenzo because of my panic attacks (the fear of getting sick, of failing or making mistakes in parenting). During the session with Lorenzo I could feel my blockades break. I felt a natural power flow through my body and I realized how strong I am. The tools Lorenzo gave me, helped through my panic attacks. I learned to listen to my intuition again. Most of all I like ‘the eraser’, because I can take the pictures that scared me most and change them the way I like... Just like I’m able to change my life the way I like!”


“Lorenzo is just an angel who lights up the way forward. Yes everyone who can be open enough to want to move forward through issues or wants change in their life needs a session with Lorenzo for sure.”


“Don’t ask me to describe the way things went, but after just a few minutes with Lorenzo’s voice guiding me, I was back in my childhood, crying and crying. But on the same time I understood that the bad things that had happened were none of my young person’s responsibility or concern. My relation to my mother and myself is now very much improved. I am now looking forward for the next possibility for another session.”

If you already experienced one or more sessions with me, please consider writing your testimonial on the testimonial's web form.

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Other Projects

  • Flying Therapeutics (English, webpage)

    Flying Therapeutics is a bodywork practice where clients benefit from a weightless, inverted and restorative treatment.
    The session starts as a thai massage practice, on the ground, on a soft mat. The first part is meant to prepare the body, to soften the tensions we normally bring with us, it takes normally 30-40 minutes.
    Then it the time for flying. I lift up the body of the patient on top of my feet, similar to what p arents do with their kids, I just add the experience of a professional practitioner that allows a deep trust and comfort.
    The body is than gently moved in several positions all meant to allow more softening and lengthening of the spine.
    The receiver is continuously invited to soften the muscles, the practitioner takes care of every single movement allowing the body to soften at a level that cannot happen in other therapies (except water therapies like Watsu).
    These movements induce and create a deep and comforting connection with one’s inner child.

    who would benefit the most?
    Two tipes of people:
    * who loves to float, be supported, partner dancing and is easy to let go. * who sees in the worlds "let go" a challenge that it's time to take.

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